15 Jobs You Can Do in Canada Without any Certificate


Although Canada is arguably one of the best countries in the world, its economy is facing a severe labour shortage. Hence, the country is always seeking workers from all over the world to address and solvethis problem. With thousands of employment opportunities available, Canada is a great place for anyone seeking to succeed in their career and make some money. While having a degree can increase your chances of getting a well-paying job, there are still a lot of jobs out there that you can get without any certificate. Therefore, in this article, we would be unveiling 15 jobs you can do in Canada without any certificate among other information.

15 Jobs that Require no Certificate in Canada

1. Farm Worker

Average Salary (per year): $27,300 – $39,111

NOC Code: 8431

Every province in Canada is on the lookout for more farm workersas they are highly needed in the agricultural sector of the country.Farm workers engage in various agricultural activities such as planting, cultivating and harvesting crops, tending livestock and poultry, assisting in breeding activities of animals, detectingunhealthy animals etc. The good thing is that you don’t need a degree to work as a farm worker as there are no specific educational requirements. However, it would be a plus if you have experience in the field. Farm workers are required to be physically fit as the job may be strenuous and demanding. You should also be able to work effectively for long hours depending on the farming season. Also, due to the nature of the farming work, you should be able to work in remote areas.

2. Welder

Average Salary (per year): $37,000 – $76,000 


NOC Code: 7237

If you have any experience in welding or you just love what welders do, then you can consider welding in Canada. This job is in demand in the country and it requires no certificate. However, if you have acertificate in welding or you have experience in the field, then it can increase your chances of getting a job. Welders use gas and heat to weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals to create and fix objects. They are usually employed in the engineering, manufacturing and automobile industries. If you have no experience in welding, then you can consider going to a welding school. In fact, some provinces require that you take an exam to show that you are experienced in the field. Upon the success of the exam, you would be qualified for the Red Seal Endorsement which would permit you to work anywhere in Canada.

3. Plumber

Average Salary (per year): $39,000 – $86,000 

NOC Code: 7251

Plumbers are needed in Canada and the job does not require havingany degree. Plumbers install and repairs pipes and other tools used in the distribution of water and the disposal of waste in homes and commercial buildings. They test pipes for leaks and cut openings in walls to allow proper fixtures of pipes. They usually work in factories, manufacturing companies etc. Although you don’t need a degree to work as a plumber, you must have completed your high school education to be qualified. It is also important that you go to an apprenticeship school to gain insight into the field. Some provinces require a trade certificate, so it is important to get one in order to increase your chances. You can also choose to work on your own and render services to people rather than working under someone.

4. Driver

Average Salary (per year): $35,000 – $75,000.

NOC Code: 73300,

This job position is in high demand and it includes truck and bus drivers. Fortunately, you don’t need a formal education to work as one in Canada. Drivers drive vehicles, transport and deliver goods, ensure that vehicles are in good working condition etc. They can work in sales, distribution and production companies. Also, you can decide to work on your own as a driver without working under someone. Prospective drivers need not be highly educated. It is enough if they have completed high school education and have a valid driver’s license. You should also be able to communicate in English or French effectively. It would also be advantageous if you have obtained a first aid certification which would be useful for emergencies.

5. Web Developer

Average Salary (per year): $78000

NOC Code: NOC 21234

The world is essentially technology-focused and Canada is not left out. Hence, web developers and programmers are in demand in Canada. This job position is flexible as you can work from home, on-site or both. You don’t need to have a formal education to work as a web developer, all you need is experience and the mind to work. Although some web developers have a background in engineering or computer science, this is not compulsory as long as you know the ropes. Web designers are responsible for the proper functioning of the websites you see on the internet. They do this by utilizing programming language to set up, design and make changes to sites. They also conduct data analysis and tests to check security and user interface experience. Web developers who work on-sitemay work at engineering, IT companies etc.

6. Mechanic

Average Salary (per year): $57,525

NOC Code: 7321, 7322

As long as people drive cars, mechanics would be in demand and there can never be enough mechanics in the country. This job position requires no certificate and it is quite lucrative. Mechanics inspect, diagnose, repair and service the engines of vehicles to putthem in proper condition. Mechanics may be self-employed or work in automobile companies, garages, transportation companies etc. They also perform maintenance services, such as lubrication etc and advise customers on how best to use their vehicles. Although a formal education is not required to work as a mechanic, it would be a plus if you have gone through training or have some experience in the field.

7. Housekeeper

Average Salary (per year):  $27,300-$30,685

NOC Code: 65310

If you enjoy cleaning, then you can consider being a housekeeper in Canada. Not everyone can bear the burden of cleaning their homes themselves so housekeepers are usually required often. Also, housekeepers can work in organizations such as hotels, motels, hospitals etc. Their job is essentially to clean floors, dust furniture, make beds, and empty trash containers among others. You don’t need a certificate to work as a housekeeper but you may be required to have experience in the field. As a housekeeper, you are required to have time management skills, communication skills, attention to detail etc.

8. Firefighter

Average Salary (per year):  $42000 – $102000.

NOC Code: 42101

Although some firefighters have degrees, it is not mandatory to have one to work as a firefighter. Firefighters respond to fire alarms and extinguish fires to avoid harm to lives and properties. They investigate the cause of fires and work to prevent future accidents. They may also provide paramedical services in case of emergencies. Firefighters are required to have time management skills, communication skills, analytical skills and knowledge of public safety. Before you can work as a firefighter, you must have a legal permit to work as one in Canada, pass some tests and be older than 18. 

9. Construction Worker

Average Salary (per year):  $37,050 – $58,500

NOC Code: 75110

Construction workers are highly needed in Canada and no certificate is required to work as one. In fact, it is possible to learn on the job even if you don’t have experience. Construction workers are involved in the labour work on construction sites which includesassisting in the construction of buildings and structures, unloading materials used for building from trucks, mixing building materials etc. They also tend and clean machines used for building. Construction work is another work that requires manpower as it may be strenuous. This is why it is required that prospective employees be above the age of 18 as they may be handling heavy materials.

10. Meat Cutter

Average Salary (per year):  $38,100 – $45,000

NOC Code: 65202

If you are interested in cutting different kinds of meat, then you can consider this job. This job can fetch you a considerable amount of income and you do not need a certificate to work. Meat cutters use various tools to cut, grind, shred and package meat daily which are sold to wholesalers and retailers. They inspect the quality of the meat and ensure that customers get the best. Meat cutters usually work in grocery stores, small shops or industrial settings. As a meat cutter, you can decide to be self-employed if you don’t want to work under someone.

11. Chef

Average Salary (per year):  $29,734 – $42,851

NOC Code: 62200

There are numerous vacancies for the position of a chef so, it is not difficult to get a job as one in Canada. Chefs or cooks are not required to have a formal education but it would be advantageous if they have undergone training at a culinary school. Regardless of this, cooking is a skill you can learn on your own. Chefs are required to plan menus and prepare meals, clean and maintain kitchen tools and equipment, create buffets and determine food portions, supervise activities of other kitchen workers, and create recipes among others. Chefs are highly paid in Canada and they may work at restaurants, companies, organizations etc. 

12. Food and Beverage Server

Average Salary (per year): $29,734 – $42,851

NOC Code: 65200

This is an in-demand job that does not require any certificate. As a food and beverage server, you are required to take orders, send them to the kitchen or bar staff and serve food and drinks to customers. They also present menus and bills and accept payments. They may give advice on food and beverages, evaluate wine products and address complaints. To work as a food and beverage server, you must have attained the age of majority as you would mixing alcoholic drinks. Although experience is relevant, you may also be allowed to learn on the job.

13. Electrician

Average Salary (per year): $39,000-$91,000.

NOC Code: 7241

There is a shortage of electricians in Canada and so this job position is in high demand. Fortunately, it is not mandatory to work as one but it is important to have experience in the field. Electricians use tools and equipment to deal with electricity. They install, inspect,replace and fix wires, switch boxes, cables etc. They also maintain various electrical appliances so that they can last longer. Electricians can work anywhere that has electricity and so it is not difficult to get a job.

14. Real Estate Agent

Average Salary (per year): $144,000

NOC Code: 7241

If you are interested in dealing with lands or landed property, then you can consider being a real estate agent. Although some real estate agents have degrees, it is not mandatory to have a degree to work as one. However, you must have the relevant skills which include communication, negotiation etc. There can never be enough realtors in Canada as people are always on the search for new homes and this is why real estate is a lucrative career. Depending on the province you choose to work, you may be required to attend an accredited training program and meet the relevant requirements of the province. As a realtor, you are required to rent or lease properties on behalf of your clients, help buyers to select the right property etc.

15. Cashier

Average Salary (per year):  $28,880- $40,000

NOC Code: 62010

Several companies and businesses in Canada require a cashier totake care of their money. This means that cashiers cannot run out of employment opportunities. Cashiers collect and record payments, issue receipts and invoices, provide relevant information to customers, ensure that the prices of goods are correct etc. A degree is not required but you must have completed your high school education and have experience in the field.


Canada is a good place to make a lot of money as there are several opportunities available. People without a formal education are not left out as they don’t need a degree to make a considerable amount of income. We hope that this article has been of tremendous help to you as we have just discussed the 15 jobs you can do in Canada without any certificate.

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