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Brief Description About The University Of Quebec Scholarship, Canada.

The University of Quebec was founded in his 1968 by the Government of Quebec. It is run by 10 state and public universities in Quebec, Canada. With an estimated 88,000 student enrollment on campus, it has grown to be one of Canada’s largest university networks.

More Description About The University Of Quebec, Canada.

The University of Quebec system was fully established by the Quebec National Assembly, largely in response to widespread student protests that erupted in the fall of that year. To extend education to more Quebec students, the government created his CEGEP system to facilitate access to universities. However, Quebec did not have enough French-language universities to meet the influx of new students who wanted to enroll after completing the CEGEP. Only 40% of his CEGEP graduates were accepted into existing French-speaking universities, and career prospects were poor for students with only a CEGEP certificate. As a result, student protests began to spread across the state, with 23 his CEGEP, the University of Montreal and the University of Laval occupied by student protesters. Thousands of French-speaking students took to the streets in protest, while others barricaded themselves at his CEGEP and refused to leave until demands were met

The students’ demands were often unfulfilled, and individual protests were largely unsuccessful, but caught the attention of the Quebec Legislature. As a result of this upheaval, the Quebec government decided to pass a resolution creating a new network of French-speaking universities throughout Quebec. As the province was in the midst of a silent revolution, secularism was associated with Quebec society and a new generation of young people who rejected Catholic control over Quebec society and sought alternatives to traditional and existing religious institutions. Five universities were established in 1969 and 1970, facilitating an influx of CEGEP students. These universities were located in cities across the state, providing equal educational opportunities to areas that traditionally had limited access to higher education (such as Rimoski and Abitibi). A sixth university was added to the network in the 1970s. This university network was based on the American university system that already existed at that time.

Mission Of The University Of Quebec, Canada.

  • The University of Quebec University Canada’s mission is to inspire the human spirit through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery, and citizenship in a creative community, building one of the world’s great universities for the public good
  • The University of Quebec University inspires to transform how our students think, question, and engage with the world through a revolutionary educational model that sparks personal growth and intellectual development.
  •  The University of Quebec University inspires curious minds to develop their own questions in response to complex problems and global issues; Encourage independent thinkers to take charge of their education through active, experiential learning and a personalized course of study
  • The University of Quebec inspires to teach intellectually daring students to integrate ideas across disciplines and cultures in an academically rigorous, intensive block system; Foster collaborative communities among a select group of diverse, international individuals, who share a passion for discovery; Equip compassionate graduates to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, the environment, and society through ethical engagement and the communication of evidence-based knowledge.

Vision Of The University Of Quebec, Canada

The University of Quebec pursue knowledge without boundaries; investigate different cultures and ways of knowing; strive for a more environmentally sustainable and equitable world; practice informed, evidence-based questioning; and embark on a shared quest to exemplify the future of undergraduate learning in Canada.

Values Of The University Of Quebec, Canada

  • The University of Quebec have the value of Exploration without boundaries in a uniquely designed learning environment. We have our revolutionary curriculum, intentionally designed campus, world-class faculty and staff, dynamic student life structures, and diverse social communities encourage interactions between ideas and people who love to learn.
  • The University of Quebec empower everyone to take risks and learn continuously  with the ability to experiment in safer places and learn from mistakes builds competence and confidence. Students are asked to delve into complex topics through research and to think broadly and consider multiple means of knowledge while using sophisticated rhetoric and quantitative reasoning to present compelling arguments.
  • Additionally, academic and extracurricular programs build the emotional resilience, social skills, and awareness of global and environmental issues that students need to lead productive lives and sustainable futures.

Brief Description About The University Of Quebec Scholarship

The University of Quebec invites all the willing candidates to apply for Scholarship in  2023. Therefore Interested in applying for Canada Scholarships? We are pleased to inform you that applications are now open for the University of Quebec, Canada 2023 Scholarships. Scholarships are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. level course.

Every year the university offers many scholarships to poor and talented students. Nearly all fields of study are available at the university to obtain a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree. For most scholarships, applicants are automatically considered upon enrollment in the degree program. A separate application for the scholarship is not required.

Scholarship Statues : Fully Funded
Scholarship Type : Bachelor, Masters And PhD
Scholarship Organization The University Of Quebec, Canada 
Country To Study : Canada
Courses To study All Courses
Scholarship Gender : Women And Men
School To Study : The University Of Quebec
State Of Origin : Not Specified
Deadline Date : Fall Term: February 28, Winter term: July 31, Summer term: October 31, 2023 

Aim And The Financial Benefits Of The University Of Quebec Scholarship

  • Full or partial exemption from tuition fees
  • Scholarship up to $20,000 CAD per month
  • free nights
  • Health insurance
  • study, reservations, travel expenses
  • Canadian Student Visa Cost Coverage
  • Compensation for research and graduation thesis

Academic Program Of The University Of Quebec Scholarship

There are many Academic packages supplied through the school. A listing of the Bachelor’s levels, doctorates, and majors include:


The college gives course for Bachelor levels in :

  • Health Sciences (Medical Biology Chiropractic, Nursing, Podiatry, Midwifery)
  • Letters (French Studies, Modern Languages, Writing)
  • Sciences (Actuarial, Biochemistry, Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Ecological and Biological Sciences)
  • Applied Sciences (Design of Video Games, Multidisciplinary Studies, Civil Engineering, Computer, Data Management, Kinesiology, Geological Engineering, Computer Engineering, Human Kinetics, Intervention in Physical Activity and Outdoor Adventure Tourism)
  • Human Sciences (Cultural Activities and Research, Communication, Career Development, History, Leisure, Culture and Tourism, Social Development and Analysis of Social Problems, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, International Relations, Science of Religions, Sexology, Sociology and Anthropology,Social Work)
  • Right (Law), Education Sciences (Adult Education, Teaching of Arts, Second Language Teaching Science Education)
  • Administrative Sciences (Human Resource Management, General Accounting, Public Management, Public Safety)
  • Arts (Drama, Arts, Visual Arts, Media, Dance, Graphic Design, Creation in Interactive Media, Management and Design of Fashion, Music).



The college additionally gives Master’s levels in:

  • Health Sciences (Ergotherapy, Virology, Nursing, and Immunology)
  • Sciences (Biology, Cell Biology and Biophysics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Management of Wildlife and its Habitats, Applied Microbiology, Environmental Science)
  • Applied Sciences (Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer, Data Management, Engineering, Human Kinetics, Paper Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications)
  • Human Sciences (Communication, Demography, Ethics, Regional Studies and Interventions, Quebec Studies, Geography, Philosophy, Science Policy, Practical Theology, Social Work)
  • Letters (Letters, Language)
  • Right (Law); Education Sciences (Education, Distance Training)
  • Administrative Sciences (Business Administration, Public Administration, Analysis of Urban Management, Management of Organizations, Planning and Management of Tourism, Sciences Accounting)
  • Arts (Art, Visual Art and Media, Dance, and Theater).

List of All Scholarships in Quebec 2023

1. Quebec Merit Scholarships for International Students
scholarship website
Grant amount : $14,000 ~ $26,000 per year
Credible Credentials : Professional Development Studies, PhD or Postdoctoral Studies

2. Quebec Excellence Scholarship Program
scholarship website
Grant amount : CAD 14,000 (US$ 11,000) per year, tuition waiver, health insurance coverage
Degree : 3 years technical training / CEGEP

3. University of Montreal Waiver Scholarships for International Students
scholarship website
Granted value : $2,000 to $21,000 ($1,600 to $17,000) per year
Credit : Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD from the University of Montreal (UdeM)

4th International Concordia Scholarship Program
scholarship website
Granted value : Full tuition and fees
Credit : BA from Concordia University

5. International Scholarship from McGill University
scholarship website
Granted value : $3,000 CAD ($2,000 USD) for one year
degree : BA from McGill University

Requirements For Candidates Who Are Eligible For The University Of Quebec Scholarship Qualification

  1. International students or researchers from all research sectors, such as health, humanities and social sciences, arts and letters, natural sciences, and engineering, are eligible.
  2. The students must have applied and been admitted to a Quebec University to be considered.
  3. The selected candidates can expect a maximum award of $75,000 for up to 9 semesters.

Eligibility Criteria Are As Follows 

  • Eligible Countries : All non-Canadian international students can apply.
  • Eligible Course or Subjects : Candidates can apply for short-term, doctoral or postdoctoral research at Quebec University.
  • Eligibility Criteria : To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the given criteria:
  • The applicants must not be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and must not have applied for permanent residence under Canadian immigration laws.

Deadlines Application For The Scholarship

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How to Apply

  • How to Apply: Firstly, the students must submit their admission applications on the online portals of their respective universities. Interested students must log in to the FRQnet system to apply for this scholarship.
  • Supporting DocumentsThe students are required to present the following documents to the university:
  • A photocopy of the identification page of a passport from the candidate’s country of origin
  • Transcripts – whether completed or not (certificates, diplomas, Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD etc.)
  • Acknowledgements of receipt from the publisher for all articles submitted
  • Two letters of reference.
  • Admission RequirementsThe applicants must hold a prior academic qualification, typically a bachelor’s or master’s degree certificate relevant to the course they are applying for and must meet the entry requirements of their respective universities.
  • Language Requirement: The applicants must submit scores of PTE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc., tests to prove English language proficiency.

The form may be completed in French or English. Candidates who apply in English must provide a French title for their project.

Website To Apply Now

  •  Firstly, the students must submit their admission applications on the online portals of their respective universities.
  • Interested students must log in to the FRQnet system to apply for this scholarship.
  • To Apply, visit the official Website given below : Apply Now

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